Are you fit for change?


There are days when everything goes perfectly well, even your tea tastes perfect.

Everything goes according to plan, and you see your routine in the far distance, exactly the same as today.

But then things change, unexpectedly, and sometimes painfully.

So suddenly, and you realise that you do not have a contingency.

Back at square one, the journey seems longer, and at some point you may think…

‘What is the point of starting over?’

You feel sorry for yourself and allow yourself to sink.

It’s ok to fall, as long as you fall with grace, and jump straight back in the race.

So when you’re done feeling sorry for yourself, get up, get refreshed, brainstorm and get started.

Be brave and let that change, propel you to where you are really meant to be. 

“The only constant, is change” [Heraclitus]

See video below for an introduction to change management.



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