The most productive countries in 2017, in order are:

Luxembourg (£51.80 per person, per hour), Norway (£39.72), Switzerland (£37.89), Denmark (£28.82), Iceland (£27.63). 

So what is it that they are doing that we’re not (apart from Brexit, pardon the pun).

Luxembourg is well known for investment management, the Nordics are serious about well-being and work-life balance. This means when they work shorter hours, they produce more quality work, with a Return on Investment, for their time.

In the UK, we may be stuck in our old ways of feeling pressured to work longer hours to show our value, which may be counterproductive, and with a lower ROI for our time.

There are many factors that affect levels of productivity, but what is evident is that we need a few shifts in mindset and behaviours on how feel valued, despite perceptions. We should be committing to high quality output instead of how a manager applauds that we work till 9PM, or over the weekend.

We want to work, and enjoy our lives, and be productive enough to feel ok to relax.

Top Tips on productivity:

  • Find your own way of being productive, with the end goals in mind.
  • Listen to your mind, body and soul. Ideas come at strange times, and what’s so bad about a 20 minute power nap?
  • It’s ok to do one thing at a time – Unitask
  • Take a few new calculated risks, if you’ve never invested, maybe test it?
  • What is productive to you? How will you measure your productivity?
  • Align your goals with your personal values, what is the point of being someone or having something that will not fulfil who you are in the end.

Productivity levels are measured by GDP per capita, divided by the average number of hours worked in the nation. According to data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the International Monetary Fund.



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