It’s personal, not business


We often hear the term; ‘It’s business, not personal’.

Business is personal, just think how many businesses we interact with on a daily basis, and how our experience shapes opinions, and consumer choices.

When you order a coffee, were you served by an emotionless robot, or someone with a genuine smile? Notice that you do notice, if it’s really a genuine smile.

Or when you call to pay a bill, or book an appointment for a service, how long were you on hold?

Whatever business we interact with, it’s the personal touch we appreciate, and often expect.

Which is probably why despite the self- service machines available, we still prefer to queue to be served by a human, or speak to a human instead of an automated service.

It’s true that in today’s globalisation, technological advances and a world with an app for almost everything, we do like to interact with a ‘touch and go’, as long as we know that if we get stuck, we can call and speak to someone.

Successful businesses are able to map the customer journey, and are able to plan and deliver a good personal experience.

So whether you are a business, or individual, business is always personal.

Click here to see the 9 steps on how to create a customer journey:

How to map the customer journey

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