Top tips for impactful communication:

Clarity, make it really clear who is responsible for every action, include deadlines, and what impact not meeting a deadline will have on the business. The quality of the message output is as good as the receiver understands it, with the meaning you intend.

Expectations, it is appreciated by clients when you are honest, and you set their expectations. Respect and trust is earned through meeting or exceeding expectations.

Appreciation, when the team do well, applaud, and reward, after all, what makes a good business, is good, happy, people.

Observation, are current systems working? Do staff feel happy or stressed? Observing and listening to feedback is good communication.

Having strong, clear lines of communication is vital for the success of a business, which is not just a high turnover, it is how enjoyable it is to interact with a business, and how efficient this business has been to exceed expectations of quality service.

Further reading, Success Magazine:

8 Ways to master the art of communication


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